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Town Centre Community Litter Pick

There was a Town Centre community litter pick on Saturday morning when lots of volunteers helped and over 30 bags of waste were collected.

The Mayor of Abingdon Cllr Cheryl Briggs was there to help.

Nicole Jones, Waitrose Community Liaison officer, helped make it happen. Waitrose supplied refreshments and joined in the litter pick, and also made a generous donation towards much needed equipment.

Thankyou To Helen for letting me know. Helen is the founder of The AbiBinit! Community Litter Picking Group.

Tackling climate change – Zaragoza to Abingdon

On Wednesday a walking group passed through Abingdon. They started in Zaragoza, Spain and will be finishing in Glasgow where the COP 26 Climate conference is taking place. The conference aims to unite the world to tackle climate change.

Last Saturday, neighbours from Compton Drive and Appleford Drive planted bulbs on the green at their junction. They have plans to adopt the green from the council and would like to put in some modest trees. This fits in with a VWHDC tree planting policy by residents.

On the subject of tackling climate change, the VWHDC (Vale of White Horse District Council) have joined a grouping of 100+ councils who believe tackling the climate emergency is a key priority.

Thanks to Tim, the Green Abingdon Town Crier, for the pictures.

Climate Emergency Centre

The Abingdon Museum basement is now the One Planet Abingdon ‘Climate Emergency Centre‘. It was opened on 25th September as part of the Big Green Day in Abingdon.

They are open Thursday, Fridays and Saturday 10am – 4pm. It is run by volunteers. You can drop in and share ideas. Coffee is available.

Today the Abingdon Carbon Cutters were bottling apple and pear juice. Different groups will be using the room at the side.

The next group litter pick

Litter Pick
The next group litter pick, organised by AbiBinit!, will start at the Peachcroft shops on 11th September.
Litter Pick
Their last group litter pick began near the Reynolds Way shops on Saturday 7th August.
Litter Pick
I was working on that day, and cycling home I was surprised to see a lot of blue bags – far more than those on this picture.
Litter Pick
The nearby garages will be demolished in the next month.
Litter Pick
The Abingdon Bridge charity supported local young people in creating a wall full of murals on the other side of the garages. Only those murals made from tiles, signed by young people, have survived. The murals painted on boards did not survive. They got replaced by newer murals, painted on board, which have not survived.