Drive carefully this morning

The Tesco Garden Centre has gone beyond selling koi carp and goldfish and have started to stock livestock for people who want to be a little more self sufficient.
drive carefully
Some chickens have escaped while being carried from checkout to car and have got out onto the A415. And so a new road sign has been erected. So drive carefully this morning – particularly if out near the Marcham Interchange.

12 thoughts on “Drive carefully this morning

  1. molly

    … had me going there for a second.. i think because milletts have started to sell chickens it could have been possible for tescos do so …… live ones i mean not the dead ones that they already do…lol…good one backstreeter…

  2. Man about Towm

    But Tesco’s DO sell chickens, they come in boxes of 6,10 & 12. DIY sales only, you have to hatch them yourself. Bought some on Wednesday and placed them in a warm place to hatch i.e frying pan.

  3. Mark Thornton

    …and without wishing to ruffle anyone’s feathers, no-one’s getting into a flap about the precinct on this post. Mind you, I’m sure some ‘hen’terprising poster can ‘lay’ the blame for the sign at the council’s door? Only a poultry amount of effort required, surely?

  4. Lady Henrietta Crystalknackers

    What does it mean?
    You cannot legaly make any moves to miss them in the road
    so you should show a flat one, or even roasted.


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