Progress on the New Development off Twelve Acre Drive

The new development off Twelve Acre Drive in North Abingdon, near Peachcroft Farm, is progressing steadily. Some of the houses are now foundations with several layers of bricks, and the view from the entrance and visitor centre will change significantly in the near future.

The public right of way has been diverted as part of the development. It now follows fences around the perimeter of the development.

They reconnected with the original path up the higher field that is being left as farmland.

This picture shows the view of the earth movers and the existing houses of Mattock Way beyond from the bridleway along the top of the ridge, another view that will also change in the near future.

4 thoughts on “Progress on the New Development off Twelve Acre Drive

    1. Jennybms

      It took me 90 minutes yesterday to get from work at The Plain to the Vineyard. I thought the bus commute would be bearable!

  1. Janet

    I was told that no new G P Surgery was to be built for the new houses but the Long Furlong medical centre was to be extended. It was not clear whether or not any more G P’s were to be recruited. Having phoned the Malthouse Surgery for an appointment to be told that my own G P did not have any appointments for the forseeable future I expect that the existing G P Surgeries would have to accept a couple of thousand more people on their lists.


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