Mill Road Bridge Reopens After Decade-Long Closure

Thanks to Stuart from the Vale of White Horse Ramblers for this picture and report.

On Friday, November 10th 2023, a gathering marked the official reopening of the Mill Road Bridge in Marcham. Over 30 individuals, including local residents, councillors, and those directly involved in the bridge’s reconstruction, were present to witness the culmination of a long-awaited restoration project. Representatives of the Vale of White Horse Ramblers Group were also in attendance, eager to resume using the bridge as an integral component of their walking program.

The bridge’s reopening signifies the restoration of Bridleway 17 between Marcham and Drayton, and improves the network of walks available for people in Abingdon. The bridge has been closed for over a decade due to structural issues, The Crown in Marcham has also recently reopened so there is even more reason to use the route.

1 thought on “Mill Road Bridge Reopens After Decade-Long Closure

  1. Ab Ithel

    Excellent news, and as one of a group who was faced unexpectedly with this barred barbed wired bridge some ten years ago on the way to a looked forward lunch at the Plough, I say that with considerable feeling. An unpleasant deviation up-river eventually got us to the pub, but it wasn’t easy.


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