Congratulations to the White Horse Phab Club on their 38th birthday!

This evening, the White Horse Phab Club celebrated its 38th birthday, a week late due to the illness, last week, of two of the club’s most important members, Barbara and Nigel Carter.

Barbara and Nigel are the parents of David Carter, who founded the club 38 years ago to provide a place for people with disabilities to socialise and have fun. David is no longer with us, but Barbara and Nigel continue to run the club with the help of others, such as Colin, Sarah, Lorraine, and Sylvia.

The club is held every Thursday at Christ Church Hall, and on Saturday, the members will take their annual outing to the Isle of Wight.

Phab Clubs are a place where disabled and non-disabled people come together to socialise, have fun, and build lifelong friendships.

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