Abingdon Town Amateur Boxing Club is back

The club closed in 2017 and has re-opened in 2022 with a gym at Abingdon United Football Club.

The Abingdon Bridge charity set up a meeting back in January and got all interested people together. The club has been reconstituted since then and has the new venue, coaches, sponsors, and equipment.

An open day was held today so people could look around the new facilities and talk to the coaches. Young people could have a go at speed target practice and other activities.

There was a queue to sign up for training.

The ribbon was cut by David Jeffries, a former club chairman for twenty-five years. He is seen with Rob Southey, a coach and lifetime club member. David was involved with the club from the 1970s and remembered all the boxing shows that used to take place at the Guildhall. He talked about John Joyce, who took over as chairman after him. The case of pictures is dedicated to John, who David said ‘would give his last penny to the club’.

The club is affiliated with England Boxing, the official body for Amateur Boxing in England, previously called the ABA. The club is dedicated to keeping children and young teenagers safe and fully engaged in their community.

1 thought on “Abingdon Town Amateur Boxing Club is back

  1. Hester

    That is brilliant – congratulations to you and the others who have worked for this for years. It will be a brilliant facility for young people – and another example of how much committed volunteers can achieve – well done all.


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