Healthy Abingdon – Abingdon Healthfest 2022

The Abingdon Healthfest returned for a second year. The Chair of Healthy Abingdon, David Butterworth, can be seen here with the Mayor of Abingdon, Cllr Andy Foulsham. Stalls included community groups and community services.

There were about twenty stalls. Here are a few…

People from the NHS were taking people’s blood pressure, helping to identify people with high pressure, and giving advice. The Abingdon Surgery had a stall nearby. The surgery has a self-use blood pressure monitor that prints out your pressure, and if necessary, you can pass the information on to your medical notes.

The Abingdon Carousel Family Centre provides a centre from which all kinds of family services can operate in South Abingdon.

The Blue Sky Eco Cafe are a community café that serves vegetarian and vegan recipes.

The Abingdon 5 km park run is every Saturday. They want to encourage people to walk the 5km if they do not feel able to run

Ex-Mayor Duncan Brown was there with his book ‘Get Over Indulgence’. He was not selling the book, but anybody who contributed to the Mayor’s Charities at the stall got a copy of the book. Those charities are:
* The Archway Foundation (serves those in our community who are hurt by loneliness)
* Yellow Submarine (helps young people with learning disabilities and autism live life to the full.)

Friends of Abbey Meadow Outdoor Pool fought to save the pool and campaign for the pool. It is the end of the season tomorrow.

1 thought on “Healthy Abingdon – Abingdon Healthfest 2022

  1. BG

    They have been trying to save the pool every year for at least the last 40 years. Someone is obviously doing a good job at VWHDC (sorry if it is not called that anymore). Please keep up the good work.


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