Drama Club Walk, St Nics book and cake sale, and Oddballs Rally

The Abingdon Drama Club annual walk into Oxford left Abingdon at 11 am. The walk is organised by Kevin Thompson, author of Willy and Wally the windscreen wipers. Kevin has been a stage manager for years. The walkers included directors, actors, lighting, and sound. They usually have a drink at Sandford Lock on the way.

One of the first things they saw on the way was the other swan family, the Mill Stream swans.

At St Nicolas Church, a book sale with coffee and cakes raised money for church funds. Books were good value at 50p each and 3 for £1.

At Abingdon¬† Rugby Ground, the Oddballs Scooter Rally is on all weekend and many people are camping. On the Market Place, one scooter was parked. Others drove by, but not in the huge numbers sometimes seen during Oddball’s rallies.

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