Reading runs from Oxford to Abingdon

Salter’s Steamers run a boat between Oxford and Abingdon for pre-booked groups of 30 or more.

The boat came through Abingdon Lock at about 4:30 pm.

Postcards, lupin seeds, and The River Thames Guidebook are on sale at the lock. All proceeds to RNLI.

Reading carried over thirty passengers, and many waved at the children waiting to cross the lock.

The Abingdon-on-Thames swan family are still together after the swan-upping two weeks ago.

There was a training session at the Open Air Pool with lifeguards helping a volunteer who pretended to faint. After checking her breathing and her airway was clear, they left her in the recovery position.

1 thought on “Reading runs from Oxford to Abingdon

  1. Jonathan Leach

    The wording on Salter’s website is a bit confusing. Yes groups of 30 have to be pre-booked, but individuals can just tun up and buy a ticket on board. I did this last Monday taking a one way trip and walking back along the Thames path. Very nice it was too.


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