Local Excellence Market

This morning, the local excellence market in Abingdon was decorated with flags celebrating the Lionesses, who will play in the Euro 2022 final against Germany on Sunday 31st July 2022.

That is tomorrow as I write.

On the Hampshire Gluten Free Co stall, there were Go Lionesses Doughnuts!! Thank you to Paul for this picture. He and his fellow market organiser have been at every England game and will be at the final tomorrow at Wembley.

The kick-off will be on BBC One at 5 pm (British Summer Time). We will be Beyond Bubbles if England win.

Other newsworthy stalls at the market were Abingdon Distillery, which opens its distillery and shop in Coxeters on Thursday.

There was a new stall selling replica Morland Plaques. The plaques can be purchased ready to paint or painted in traditional colours or other ways.

7 thoughts on “Local Excellence Market

  1. Hester

    I guess it depends what you mean by local – I know the organisers’ aim is to source everything from within 30 miles and a quick look down the list of those due to exhibit yesterday shows that 10 were from Abingdon, 14 from the rest of Oxfordshire (or just over nearby borders but still within 30 miles), 3 from further afield and 5 where I couldn’t tell.
    Personally I think it is great to have these companies bringing their variety of products here. Those of us with long memories will remember the pleas there used to be for Saturday markets – it is great that we now have them.

  2. Michael

    I used to buy from Pick’s organic meats. They come from Leicester which is much more than 30 miles away. I saw their prices had gone up a lot since last time. But more importantly their packets of meat were out in the open air with no attempt to keep them cool with ice or even a damp cloth. I felt one packet at about 1 pm. and it was quite hot. They mainly serve cooked burgers and sausages etc. but if these items were left out they could have gone off before cooking. I’ll certainly Pick another supplier next time. Health & Safety any one?

  3. Michael

    I think that’s true Peter. I asked Eadles once and they said they used a “minimum” of chemicals etc. But just because it’s organic doesn’t mean it’s immune to going off if not refrigerated!


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