Radley Lakes – June 2022

The new parking area at Radley Lakes has been laid out with racks for 12 bikes and spaces for 9 cars, 3 of those requiring blue badges for drivers with disabilities. The area is protected by lego-style block barriers.

A new map displayed near the new entrance is also available on fold-out leaflets.

When I visited today there were clouds and a brief shower. This view is of the largest lake, Thrupp Lake, where there were swans, geese, moorhens, ducks and ducklings. Swallows flew low over the water – too fast to photograph.

But I did photograph the first Oystercatcher (for the Abingdon Blog) on one of the small islands,

and a Heron perching on a branch with two other herons on the ground (youngsters learning the skills of a Heron).

Walking around one of the smaller lakes, in the restored gravel workings, the algae looked brown and swampy,

but there were lots of exciting wildflowers along the perimeter path.

4 thoughts on “Radley Lakes – June 2022

  1. Martin Gulliver

    Looks fabulous! I’m wondering how a mobility scooter would fare on the paths around the lakes?

  2. Peter Del

    This looks very interesting, so I went on the Radley Lakes website to find a larger version of the map to see where the entrance to the car park is, but unfortunately it wasn’t there – just Googles satellite views.

  3. Martin Buckland

    Pretty well I’d say for a standard model and an all-terrain one would cope. There are board walks in a few places but generally the paths are gravel surfaced. In wet weather there can be large puddles but the Radley Lakes Trust are planning to put in better surfaces. The car park is covered in very deep pea-shingle which even cards are likely to get stuck in which is why it is empty at present. A scooter would also get stuck in the entrance in the photo but further on there is a gate that should be openable from a scooter as there is a latch to lift about 3 feet from the ground. I would suggest a trial visit and feedback if access is a problem. See: https://radleylakestrust.org/the-lakes

    1. Martin Gulliver

      Many thanks Martin…your comprehensive reply is very much appreciated. Yes I agree pea shingle is a real problem.


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