Aldi A34 View

Good progress is being made on the new Aldi Store off the Wootton Road in Abingdon – seen here with the A34 behind the trees.

Only Aldi contractors are allowed on site, but by the end of the year, Aldi shoppers will buy fruit, nuts, chocolates, milk, wine, and bread at Aldi prices. Tesco and Sainsbury have an Aldi price match on a range of products, which is a good advert for their rival supermarket.

Here is a view from the A34 towards the new North Abingdon houses over the Aldi roof.

Many people’s only view of Abingdon is this fleeting glimpse from the A34 of houses, an industrial unit or two, and now an Aldi in Abingdon.

2 thoughts on “Aldi A34 View

  1. Ruth

    Ugly, toytown development along with an ugly store building that limits the long view coming up the Wootton Road. Thanks to the councils, the planners and the building company for doing such a rubbish job.


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