Christian Aid Week and East St Helen Street Bunting

On the Market Place today, a stall was selling cakes, plants and books for Christian Aid. Christian Aid week ran from 15th – 21st May. There was some door to door collections using paper envelopes. This year there is also the Abingdon e-envelope for online donations:

This morning the people of East St Helen Street were putting up their bunting for the Jubilee celebrations.

I am not sure we on West St Helen Street will be able to match them, but we will see. Two weeks to go.

6 thoughts on “Christian Aid Week and East St Helen Street Bunting

  1. Colin

    Hard to judge without seeing it in person but the bunting seems a little low? Is there a risk of vehicle contact?

    Are any permits required to erect this?

  2. One of the Rachels

    Backstreeter Рnow there’s a challenge! Can the good folk of Backstreet assemble as much bunting as those in Fore Street? You have less than 2 weeks!

  3. Sarah Smith

    Nothing says “Party!” like bunting! I also noticed the royal standard … illustrious guests?

    1. Colin

      Oh? Any more details Abingdon Lad? Was it a high vehicle? Vandalism? Yown/council taking them down?


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