Sheep, Crocodile, Tree Clearing, and Leaf Clearing

Anybody walking along the road to Abingdon Lock will see sheep are grazing. There are a lot of them.

The crocodile has grown scales since last time I looked.

Over the other side of the River Thames, in the Abbey Meadows, workmen were chopping a poplar that had fallen.

The paths in the Abbey Gardens seem clear of fallen leaves somehow.

3 thoughts on “Sheep, Crocodile, Tree Clearing, and Leaf Clearing

  1. Michael

    The fungus on the crocodile is ‘Trametes versicolor’ known as the Turkey Tail fungus. It is very common on dead wood.

  2. John

    Well done Michael, it’s so good to read on the blog someone who knows what they are talking about and is well disposed toward the world


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