Views sought on future development on Dalton Barracks site

Part of the Dalton Barracks site (in the red area) was chosen for development as part of the Vale of White Horse Local Plan (to 2031). The development will include 1,200 homes as well as a primary school and a local centre and will use Garden Village principles (good design and quality development).

The VWHDC (Vale of White Horse District) are creating a supplementary planning document (SPD) for the site. This with the local plan will be used when considering planning applications at the site.

They want people’s views. You can read the draft SPD for the site and then comment using a survey. It can all be found at

The consultation runs to Thursday 18 November.

1 thought on “Views sought on future development on Dalton Barracks site

  1. Spike S

    Who profits from the land transfer ? Might as well enclose the whole airfield in the designated area. With houses that close, what remains of the runways will be unusable for any aviation activity.
    At least there will be lots of hardcore for the required (??) road infrastructure.


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