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Central Abingdon Regeneration Framework (CARF) – June Consultation Event

Thank you to Hester for the heads up about a Central Abingdon Regeneration Framework (CARF) event. There was a stakeholder workshop at the start of May. The information gathered at the event has been used to plan this event.

An in-person consultation in Abingdon will be held on Friday, 17 and Saturday, 18 June 2022. The aim is to create a vision and objectives for central Abingdon. There will be options for critical sites in the town, including the Upper Reaches, Charter Car Park and Abbey House. (This is run by the VWHDC district council and not to be confused with the Neighbourhood plan being run by the Town Council)

The event will take place at Unit 24, Bury Street precinct (the former H Samuel shop) on:
Friday 17 June from 11am-8pm
Saturday 18 June from 9.30am-1pm

The webpage will also be updated with the latest information. People can then fill in an online consultation survey from Friday, 17 June.

Abingdon Boundaries 1556 – 2022

(The 1556 Boundary Walk follows the 1556 Abingdon Borough Charter.)

In the window of Preston Road Community Centre are details of the 2022 Abingdon town boundary.  The town council have asked for the neighbourhood plan area be the same as the parish boundaries of Abingdon.

However because parish boundaries have changed in the last decade, part of the Abingdon neighbourhood plan area is already part of the Radley neighbourhood plan (hatched area above) and the change has to go to consultation. Comments can be made via

Of the 950 new homes proposed to be built on the North Abingdon strategic housing site (including Abbey Field mentioned yesterday) some are in land that used to be part of Radley.

Even more of the houses were within the Sunningwell Parish as seen from the green line in the map above, but they were never included in the Sunningwell Neighbourhood Plan.  Other new housing in North West Abingdon was part of the St Helen’s Without Parish. The Morland Gardens Estate in South Abingdon was part of Drayton Parish.

A 2022 Abingdon boundary walk would be further than a 2012 boundary walk and much further than a 1556 boundary walk.

Views sought on future development on Dalton Barracks site

Part of the Dalton Barracks site (in the red area) was chosen for development as part of the Vale of White Horse Local Plan (to 2031). The development will include 1,200 homes as well as a primary school and a local centre and will use Garden Village principles (good design and quality development).

The VWHDC (Vale of White Horse District) are creating a supplementary planning document (SPD) for the site. This with the local plan will be used when considering planning applications at the site.

They want people’s views. You can read the draft SPD for the site and then comment using a survey. It can all be found at

The consultation runs to Thursday 18 November.

The Old Gaol Dentist

Yellow Tree
The tree in the Old Gaol grounds is glowing.
Yellow Tree
I entered the riverside path from the Bridge Street entrance, and took a picture of Abingdon Bridge with the leaves of the tree round me.
Yellow Tree
I also took a picture of The Old Gaol Dental Surgery.

The Vale of White Horse District Council recently allowed the application for unit 5B to become a dental clinic rather than a restaurant.

Abingdon Town Council had recommend refusal. They said The original approval for the Old Gaol development was on the basis of a mixed use development including an A3 restaurant in Unit 5B. The mixed use is important to enable visitors continued access to this part of the Old Gaol site. 

A neighbour said the proposal is preferable to a restaurant. Would like to ensure adequate noise insulation.

Friends of Abingdon said the proposed change of use … raises privacy issues for patients …. Concerned that the proximity of Treatment Room 1 to the riverside path could result in pressure to close the Bridge Street entrance to the gardens.

Willow Tree
In reply to newcomer’s comment, from Brian. I would like to add the photo above taken 24/07/2007 with the caption – ‘we had one, the developer removed it, the planners conditioned it to be replaced !!!’