Abingdon Boundaries 1556 – 2022

(The 1556 Boundary Walk follows the 1556 Abingdon Borough Charter.)

In the window of Preston Road Community Centre are details of the 2022 Abingdon town boundary.  The town council have asked for the neighbourhood plan area be the same as the parish boundaries of Abingdon.

However because parish boundaries have changed in the last decade, part of the Abingdon neighbourhood plan area is already part of the Radley neighbourhood plan (hatched area above) and the change has to go to consultation. Comments can be made via https://whitehorsedc.gov.uk/abingdonnp.

Of the 950 new homes proposed to be built on the North Abingdon strategic housing site (including Abbey Field mentioned yesterday) some are in land that used to be part of Radley.

Even more of the houses were within the Sunningwell Parish as seen from the green line in the map above, but they were never included in the Sunningwell Neighbourhood Plan.  Other new housing in North West Abingdon was part of the St Helen’s Without Parish. The Morland Gardens Estate in South Abingdon was part of Drayton Parish.

A 2022 Abingdon boundary walk would be further than a 2012 boundary walk and much further than a 1556 boundary walk.

3 thoughts on “Abingdon Boundaries 1556 – 2022

  1. Daniel Glover

    Got a video of the walk, 1st January last year. Was on my first YouTube but not pout back on the reboot in May.
    Doing now.
    Video link later.
    If it works. YouTube sometimes fails and a long video. Morning job if not!.

  2. DavidofRugby

    Love the fact that Abingdon is still doing endless consultations. I remember going to one about 15 years ago concerning the Lift access to the Museum. English Heritage made a presentation and then took questions. I asked “Will anything said in this consultation change the decision that EH have obviously already made?” The suit replied “no.” I asked, “Then why bother holding a consultation?” The suit moved on to the next questioner.

    After that I pretty much stopped going to consultations.


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