New civil parking enforcement from November 1st

Cars parked on the double yellow lines in Lombard Street and St Helen’s Court have been getting leaflets ‘Observe the lines, avoid the fines’.

From November 1st, Oxfordshire County Council are taking on responsibility, from the police, for parking enforcement.

The County  Council have appointed a contractor to employ the existing residents traffic wardens and new wardens. They will get a full training course and will be looking for vehicles wrongly parked in the following situations:
* Residents parking
* On-street pay and display parking
* Double and single yellow lines
* Limited waiting bays
* Loading bays
* Zig-zag markings at schools (if restrictions apply)
* Pedestrian crossings
* Double parking (parking too far from the kerb)
* Blue Badge bays
* Taxi ranks
* Parking in bus lanes and stops
* Parking across dropped kerbs where there’s a crossing point, with or without tactile paving

The full details are at

Last Friday a lorry was left for five hours blocking the pavement on the double yellow line next to the Vineyard Almshouses. Jenny sent me an email at the time saying it was ‘… severely restricting access on the pavement. Two properties are not able to gain full access out onto the pavement from their own front doors. Children on their way to school and people with pushchairs and shopping trolleys have to either cross the road or walk into the traffic to get round it. The police say it is a council responsibility, and the council says it is a police responsibility.’

It was the police, who often had higher priorities. From November 1st it will be a council responsibility.

People will be waking up after Halloween to a Halloween parking ticket. I say that because I have been twice caught out by parking changes on October 31st. I hope it won’t be a 3rd.

10 thoughts on “New civil parking enforcement from November 1st

  1. Steve 2

    Maybe you could send the photo of the lorry parked illegally to the company, Gaskell Transport Midlands, and ask them for an explanation. It was illegally parked as the emergency services would not have been able to access any accommodation if they needed to. I’m very surprised that the police didn’t move it on.

  2. Steve2

    Thank you Jennybms. As a HGV 1 driver myself, things like that just annoy me as it gives the rest of us a bad name.

  3. Barry Taylor

    Wasn’t it a removal van? I had to squeeze past it one way and cross the road the other. Do removal vehicles get a special allowance?

  4. Steve2

    If it’s doing removals, that’ll be the first time l’ve seen an artic doing it. Still not aloud to block of people’s homes.

  5. BS

    Yes, they were undertaking a removal from the house and I witnessed the loading crew escorting people past it so they were being as responsible as they could.

  6. Spike S

    Lack of consideration and poor commercial practice. Notwithstanding any RTA offence or damage to the footpath, it would have been a simple courtesy for the driver to speak to the blocked house owner with details/timing of this (perceived essential) activity.
    Most significant aspect of all illegal parking is the potential obstruction of emergency services.

  7. Colin

    Steve2 – if the removal vehicle was accompanied then people were able to leave their own homes. It is simply a matter of requesting access and the lorry would probably have moved. It is a very different story from a lorry being abandoned for several hours. As usual with social media you have been presented with half the information.


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