Edible Abingdon takes part in Edible England

Tomatoes climb up Old Station House. Salad greens and beans, and many different herbs are in the tubs in front.

The Abingdon Carbon Cutters have organised vegetable beds called Edible Abingdon since 2015. They show what can be grown in small areas.

The 2021 national Heritage Open Days festival has the theme of Edible England this year. The Carbon Cutters will lead a walk round the alternative Edible Abingdon vegetable beds on Sunday. As part of Abingdon Heritage Open Days there will also be other food themed events, open properties, films, walks, and a talk. You can find out more at https://abingdonheritage.org.uk/.

Most of the events will be at the weekend. But people visiting Abingdon town centre, on Thursday and Friday, can visit St Nicolas church for an Abingdon food-through-the-ages exhibition, and discover the history of throwing buns at Abingdon County Hall Museum.

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