Coming Soon – More Houses

A new sign has been erected on the other side of Tilsley Park from the Kingsgate development. It say Coming Soon – Abbey Fields. In reality, what are coming soon are houses – not fields.

Abbey Fields will be built on the field next to the A34, seen here from the footpath to Sunningwell . The footbridge over the A34 is a good viewing point, but not as good as Daniel’s drone. Daniel has managed to get another drone after the loss of the previous one.

Traffic was queueing back in the Oxford direction as I stood on the bridge.

After Kingsgate and Abbey Fields,  the next field for development, off the Dunmore Road in North Abingdon, is the large field rising to Lodge Hill. At the moment that field has an entrance and metal fences all the way round.

11 thoughts on “Coming Soon – More Houses

  1. ChrisS

    Little boxes on the hillside
    Little boxes made of ticky tacky
    Little boxes on the hillside
    Little boxes all the same….

    Well said newcomer.

  2. Daniel Glover

    Could have got photos on that today, earlier, did another of the Wootton road end one, Time lapse video in about 14 months!.

    Another of the same drone £120 2nd hand.

    Will get something there when a nice day in a month or so. Wait for something to happen.
    Got 2 months ago shot I think of the back field.

  3. Peter Shrew

    As someone looking to buy a house and who has worked HARD to earn his dues, I’m sick and tired of lazy folk who can’t afford new houses complaining. I’m going to be loving the new income from my rentals.

  4. PPJS

    What about hard-working people who still can’t afford a house because they are in socially important but extremely badly paid jobs? Care home staff, for just one example.

  5. Frank W

    No sign of the promise that was made at a meeting some 2 years ago that not a brick would be laid until the A34 Lodge Hill Junction was ready


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