New Starbucks coffee shop – planning application for signage

There is a planning application for signage for a new Starbucks coffee shop in place of M&Co in the Market Place.

Thankyou to the person who emailed me this news.

We are well served for coffee shops in Abingdon! Abingdon Market Place – alone – has: Costa, R&R, Java, and Throwing Buns.

The shop looks like the day when M&Co left, but outside at the back, there is work underway digging up the path.

19 thoughts on “New Starbucks coffee shop – planning application for signage

  1. Red kite

    I guess the council will allow anyone to take on an empty property rather than leave it empty.
    Better watch the old Touchwood Sports site, there is room in there for another Coffee shop as well, tried to count up number of places in town where you can get coffee now but gave up as there were just so many.
    Problem used to be charity shops, now it’s coffee shops. No wonder people go out of town for their shopping.

    1. Iain

      As far as I’m aware the property is privately owned so I’m not sure there would be much the Council could do, even if they wanted to get involved.

  2. rudi

    can’t do coffee shops via the internet – so that’s what the empty shops become.
    it’s not 1980 anymore and we can’t have woolworths back no matter how much we’d like it.

  3. Andy M

    Quite like Starbucks coffee, generally far better than Costa. However, Missing Bean are way ahead of the competition when it comes to the quality of their coffee whilst not attracting a premium price.

  4. Queen Vic

    Wonderful! All the coffee shops are full; (most) people want to see other people again outside and having our beautiful market square resemble something like a European square will be fab. Now to move on the hairdressers and jewellers and put a few restaurants in and we’ll have a full house!

    1. James

      You realise Pablo Lounge is a national chain right?
      Starbucks and Costa are normally franchises so are probably more local in terms of ownership.

      1. Ron

        Entirely my point, a national chain backed by a private equity company. Comments about a tax dodging company (Starbucks when they are one of the best out of the coffee chains these days i believe? The tax dodging comments are almost some sort of Mandela paradox these days, so ingrained even if not true) when, as you suggest they are franchises so “local” when Pablo Lounge is potentially the least “local” out of all of them. Its pretty chilled in there though and the staff are always welcoming that’s for sure

        Personally, love them all. The more people coming to town the better. Brings a little bit of joy and life to a beautiful place

  5. Christine

    Let’s support the independent coffee shops of Abingdon! I certainly won’t be spending my money in Starbucks.

  6. Dino Marks

    No thanks. Starbucks have a real issue with slave labour which they have not changed.
    Starbucks owned plantations use slave labour where employees live and eat on site in seriously bad conditions, including having dead rodents in their food. yet this company makes huge profits.

    No thanks.


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