What have Tesco in store?

The old pub sign on the Wootton Road is beginning to look like it needs a haircut.
The winter and summer Aunt Sally courts have seen their last game. That was when Fitzharris Arms beat Plough Inn Hanney 5-1.
To find a weekend Disco now you will have to go down the road to Strattons, but they don’t usually open quite so early.
The pub that was built along with the estate is boarded up, awaiting whatever Tesco, the buyers, have in store for this sight.

5 thoughts on “What have Tesco in store?

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  2. Steveo

    Sad to see another pub shutting, but until they are run properly I think we’ll be losing more and more. Worth taking note that the pubs that are doing well are stocking decently kept local ale (Not Greene King!) and decent food. It’s mainly the Johnny Lager style pubs that are shutting, and most of them won’t be missed. The only trouble is, that if Johnny Lager can’t go to his poorly run pub, he’ll start making his way into the decent pubs ๐Ÿ™
    Here’s hoping the Nags Head can re-open with a landlord that charges sensible rent, and a pub landlord who knows how to run it and capitalise on it’s location.

  3. dan

    i agree steveo, yes we need more “local” produce pubs.
    the nags head if brought as a free hold would have a very appropriate ale ready for them to sell, as Loose Cannon Brewery produce an amazing ale called “Abingdon Bridge”.

    There is so many good Micro Breweries in this county, its a shame that the large breweries take over strangling the market with their poor fodder.

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  5. Tim

    That is a very sad sight indeed. I have many happy memories of drinking in that pub when I was a student at Abingdon College. I missed so many lectures as I stayed in there for the afternoon instead!! Back in those days there were 2 bars and it didn’t have the extention on the back. Stevo makes a fair point. Real Ale is saving the pubs as you can not get cask conditioned beer at home regardless of how hard you try. Fingers crossed the Nags head opens again and is run properly and keeps the power drinking chav teenagers out!!


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