Kingfisher Canoe Club activities have restarted

The Kingfisher Canoe Club started regular activities from their new club house about three weeks ago, and there were colourful canoes out on the River Thames this evening.

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings the club have beginner sessions. On Wednesday, and at other ad-hoc times, there are outings for club members.

Planning permission for the new club store / changing facility at Abingdon Lock was gained in 2019 and a Sport England grant of £36,000 and other grants paid for the facility. A lease for the land was granted by the Environment Agency. The easing of lockdown restrictions has allowed activities to restart.

9 thoughts on “Kingfisher Canoe Club activities have restarted

  1. Janet

    I am really pleased as they have been providing activities for children for years. Miele are closing their place in Abingdon and moving it to Greece making a lot of people redundant. (The company said that employees are free to move to Greece if they wish). I contacted Twinings Tea some time ago and said that I will not buy their tea anymore as they moved from the UK to Poland.. Some companies had the cheek to bring Eastern European workers to the UK so that British workers could teach them their jobs so that they could move the companies to Eastern Europe.

    1. Chris B

      All best wishes to Kingfisher!
      But I really don’t know what Janet’s comments about Miele and Twinings have to do with the canoe club… I’m afraid that Brexit made Miele’s actions almost inevitable, and then the situation has been exacerbated by the Covid economic damage. Leaving the EU has made all international companies reconsider their investment in the UK.

  2. Carol Hendry

    A wooden structure/sculpture has appeared on the roundabout at the junction of Caldecott Road and Drayton Road – any information on who designed it and why it is there ?

  3. James

    Miele aren’t closing in Abingdon Janet, just centralising their call centre’s for all of Europe to one location.

    The HQ for the UK, Ireland and South Africa will still be at Fairacres just not the call centre.

  4. Colin

    Janet…I’m sure that twinnings were devastated to loose your business. Miele is not closing.

    Your posts always seem to have a bit of a nationalist/imperialist view in which UK jobs are sacrosanct while “foreigners” should be viewed with suspicion. Maybe you will reconsider this view once the effects of the pandemic subside and it becomes even clearer that the UK cannot feed itself due to a shortage of foreign workers


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