Abbey Fish Ponds – July 2021

This morning, I climbed a mound with a view across wild flowers and grasses, fenland, and housesĀ at the Abbey Fish Ponds. The sky was cloudy with small patches of blue. Later on in the day the clouds broke up and the sunshine got much brighter.

Where the grasses and meadow flowers grow are brown meadow butterflies. They flutter about. One comes one way, and meets another. They loop round each other, and then carry on.

Sometimes they land long enough for a picture.

There must be millions of flowers and insects at the Abbey Fish Ponds in July.

Birds are well hidden. They can be heard in the bushes but are difficult to see, apart from blackbirds

and wood pigeons.

Some Abbey Fish Ponds remain as ponds all through the summer.

Others get overgrown with tall reeds and sedges.

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