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Wilsham Road lower walkway closed with a gate

Abbey Fish Ponds - August 2021
The VOWHDC have blocked off access, with locked gates, along the lower walkway past the boats on Wilsham Road.
Abbey Fish Ponds - August 2021
A sign says its called the Wilsham Road Wharf.

This does benefit the boat owners who can use this walkway / wharf.

Jeff wrote to me saying ‘It has been used by the public at large for more years than I can remember (40+) and that probably means that it has acquired a Public Right of Way by default – well that’s what I read on the Rambles Association web site.’

Kingfisher Canoe Club activities have restarted

The Kingfisher Canoe Club started regular activities from their new club house about three weeks ago, and there were colourful canoes out on the River Thames this evening.

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings the club have beginner sessions. On Wednesday, and at other ad-hoc times, there are outings for club members.

Planning permission for the new club store / changing facility at Abingdon Lock was gained in 2019 and a Sport England grant of £36,000 and other grants paid for the facility. A lease for the land was granted by the Environment Agency. The easing of lockdown restrictions has allowed activities to restart.

May Bank Holiday on the river

Visitors and locals enjoyed a sunny Bank Holiday Monday by the River Thames in Abingdon.

AV Boats
opened for the first time in Abingdon on the 5th May 2021 and are hiring out: motor boats, rowing boats, kayaks and canoes, and paddle boards.

Here is one of the AV motor boats next to one of their standup peddle-boards near the bridge.

There were lots of different boats on the river.

Two Sunken Boats

Risky Moorings
There is a sunken boat some way up from Abingdon Lock. Other boats nearby were overgrown with vegetation, and had not moved for a while.
Risky Moorings
Another sunken boat can be seen at the far end of Wilsham Road.

The Vale of the White Horse introduced a new mooring policy at the end of 2017 to try and make their moorings available for visitors who stay for just a day or two. This did make me wonder whether some boats, that previously stayed at Vale of the White Horse moorings, are now moored at more risky places.