Housing development off the Dunmore Road – first tarmac

Daniel took some early morning pictures of the housing development off the Dunmore Road this morning.

There are now tarmac roads connecting some of the properties.

The further end of the field has also been levelled off and roads have been outlined.

11 thoughts on “Housing development off the Dunmore Road – first tarmac

  1. Janet

    I would not like to live there. The noise from the A34 would be unbearable. Incidently, there is no sign of the diamond interchange we were promised that they would build so that traffic having to access the southbound A34 from the developmnet could use. See traffic being pushed back up Ock Street and the Drayton Road from the McDonalds roundabout.

    1. Hester

      There was a public consultation on the Lodge Hill diamond interchange earlier this year – well reported here and elsewhere. Lots of people were worried that the proposals did not meet current standards for cyclists and pedestrians so there may be some tweaks to be made to them. According to the County Council website “ Construction is currently scheduled for early 2022 subject to approval from Highways England, with completion in Summer 2023.”.

      1. GRJ

        It took a year to repair the collapsed bank in Bagley Wood, followed by lots of self congratulation and publicity. 18 months for the diamond interchange??? If that happens we can look forward to a Bank Holiday and Bun Throwing.

    2. Colin

      Hi Janet – Nobody is asking you to live there. If people move there the A34 noise will be apparent when they view show homes so it will be up to them. All houses come with compromises!!

  2. Geoffrey Bailey

    Not seen what the Culham Road bridge repairs are doing yet. As someone else said took long time for the Bagley Wood collapse to be sorted. That drone certainly keeps an eye on developments. Daniel must be in the Secret Services.

    1. Peter Del

      Janet is correct, the noise will be intrusive. I live even further away, near Caldecott Road, and the noise of the morning ‘rush hour’ traffic on the A34 is quite noticeable.

      1. OxonChris

        Nah, that’s not the A34, that’s the Drayton Road 🙂

        People will buy houses nr the A34 and then complain about the noise, in the same way townies move to the countryside and complain about the wildlife making a noise and the church bells.

        What does it matter if the A34 makes noise for them, they have to put up with it – Caveat emptor

  3. Julian Annells

    Here’s a prediction for you. The houses will be built next to the A34, the residents will complain about the noise, the A34 will be reduced to 50 mph, as it is at Botley. There will be more traffic queues and pollution.

    1. David

      You could have just skipped from ‘houses will be built next to the A34’ to ‘there will be more traffic and pollution’. Any reduction in the speed limit would be pretty irrelevant to the latter, except that it might provide some minor mitigation to the traffic problems.


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