Oxfam on Stert Street

Oxfam in Stert Street Abingdon have not only reopened, they also have a new facebook page. On it they say after discovering some hidden gems at Abingdon Oxfam, why not treat yourself to a milkshake, grab that much needed haircut, stock up on art supplies + gourmet food + find your dream door, also in Stert Street.

Oxfam are looking for donations, and to gain some new volunteers. Not everybody could return on reopening.

Volunteers help to sort and sell the donations in order to raise as much money as possible for Oxfam’s vital work around the world. They also sometimes need specialised knowledge such as valuing stamp donations.

1 thought on “Oxfam on Stert Street

  1. Daniel

    Sorry to hijack; is there an archaeological earthwork near the leisure centre along Aiudlet drive? Did i once hear that correctly?


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