Cricket returns

There were two games of cricket on the pitches at Hales Meadow. The Cherwell League website says there are 14 days until the start of the season. So these games were probably friendlies or practice matches.

After last years short season, the games are being played under the influence of  Covid-19 with risk assessments and using ECB guidance, currently  at Step 2 of the Government Roadmap out of Lockdown from 12 April 2021 with progression to Step 3 (no earlier than 17 May 2021).

People should arrive in kits as changing rooms are closed; groups of six apply to  people off the field; nobody with symptoms should attend; NHS Test and Trace is carried out etc. I am not sure spectators are allowed but I was just passing.

5 thoughts on “Cricket returns

    1. Summer John

      I’d love for you to share some proof of this? Feels like a wild statement to make without thought to all those people strictly obeying the rules that enable people to be doing something they love. Maybe think about your words before posting such wild accusations next time. Clearly someone who wasn’t actually in attendance, the fact the statement got through moderation is alarming

  1. PPJS

    This is a local blog, not Facebook or Twitter. When mistakes or inaccurate statements are made in comments, a gentle correction is all that is required 😉


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