‘We are Moving’ poster

The Abingdon branch of the Newbury Building Society will be moving this summer. A ‘We are Moving’ poster has appeared in the window of the West St Helen Street shop where they have been for 40 years.

The new location will be 34 Bury Street, next to New Look.

That was the address of The Lemon Plaice before Bury Street had a revamp in 2012.

3 thoughts on “‘We are Moving’ poster

  1. Backstreeter

    On a personal note: when we moved to Abingdon our first meal was in the Lemon Plaice. Our mortgage for our house in West St Helen Street was with the Newbury Building Society.

  2. Steve 2

    We need another chip shop, similar to The Lemon Plaice, that has plenty of seating inside. It was nice to be able to have a sit-down meal, if you felt like it, and the food was always good.


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