Abingdon town centre Blooms in March

Polyanthus Primroses are currently the brightest blooms in the beds around Abingdon town centre.

Poly means ‘many’ and Anthus means ‘bloom’ or ‘flower’. Each plant is crowned with several blooms.

Plugs were planted back in October or November after the summer bedding plants had been removed. Polyanthus provide colour on the dullest of days from early Spring.

Some of the town centre beds have single colour blooms like the one on Stratton Way.

Pansies flowered through the winter in a less showy way on Stratton Way. There are wallflowers that are yet to bloom.

4 thoughts on “Abingdon town centre Blooms in March

  1. Martin+Gulliver

    Once again Abingdon’s flower display is s credit to the town… so good to see these marvellous colours at this time of the year.

    1. Daniel

      Flamingo Lane doesn’t like it Julian.

      However, you could certainly fit a flat or two on those beds, thinking about it…


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