Abingdon Lions in January and February 2021 – their 40th Year

Fund raising in more difficult in these times. In 2019 the Lions made over £4,000 taking round their Santa Sledge. The Virtual Santa in 2020 made £195.
Lions in January and February
The Lions donated £170 to The Stonehill Community Garden to help them set up a 7,000-litre water tank to allow them to use rainwater alone for their garden. Some of the lions volunteer with garden, and they have donated items before.
Lions in January and February
The Lions donated items for the Abingdon Foodbank. The foodbank said in February that demand at the Foodbank is still high and they were  looking for: tinned meat to make hot meals (mince, stew, meatballs), instant coffee, and also plain couscous.
Lions in January and February
The Lions kicked off their Easter fund raiser, knitted Easter Chicks with cream eggs. They have had nearly 200 chicks donated so far, some with cream eggs. Tesco Extra Abingdon has also kindly donated some cream eggs. Covid has meant that they have had to try new ways of selling them, and are currently use facebook to sell them at £2 each.

Other items they donated included:
• £50 for Kennington Playgroup to help them buy a fog cleaning machine.
• £314 for a powerful blender for a family that needs it due to a medical condition.
• A promise the support a family to buy a car safety harness, once covid allows.

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