Lidl from above

Thankyou to Daniel for these pictures of the new Fairacres Phase 2 and Lidl store as viewed from the air.
Lidl from the air
When the construction of Fairacres Phase 2 began I was considering visiting the revamped Hilton Garden Inn (on the left) to get some pictures from the top floor. I gave up on that idea because of the pandemic. However Daniel’s view is even better with his drone.
Lidl from the air
This views shows Fairacres in the centre, and Miele to its left, with the 50 acres of  Abingdon Business Park behind, and behind that the houses of north Abingdon.

7 thoughts on “Lidl from above

  1. Mark Hargreaves

    So how much of this new building is to be occupied by Lidl? The signage on each end suggests that all will be Lidl.

  2. PPJS

    It looks to have a similar floor area to Tesco. These drone pictures really help to see how the town is developing and how it grew in the past. Thanks!

  3. Hester

    Lidl is at the far end, then there’s a Costa and a gym, then Homebase nearest to the main road. Homebase is the biggest unit – about half of the total, with Lidl having 2/3 of the rest. The Planning Application ref is P20/V2808/RM on the VWHDC website.


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