Green Gym – Ock Valley Walk

Members of the Green Gym split into three groups. Some did litter picking.
Green Gym
Another group improved the path. Some dug up the surface, and others poured on the wood chip and tamped it down.
Green Gym
The third group cleared the ground to plant trees. There were about 35 small saplings: oak, beech, silver birch, and cherry.
Green Gym
The saplings were then dug in next to a cane and surrounded by a protective guard . A red spot on the cane means this one is a cherry. All were plotted on a map to monitor how they do.

6 thoughts on “Green Gym – Ock Valley Walk

  1. Craig

    How can I get involved with this? I walk down the Ock most days with my dog and can spare some time to help with clearing etc.

  2. eileen

    When is the Ock Valley walk from Ladygrove to Tesco going to be cleaned up? There is a lot of litter along it at the moment

  3. trish

    I was so pleased to see tree planting on the Ock walk, this is just behind my house, and will improve the area a great deal, as long as they thrive. We will be back in March and my husband and I would be only too happy to keep an eye on the young saplings.
    I walk my cavalier along the walk everyday, it is a joy to behold and a real asset for the area.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Colin A.S.R. Galloway

    A week or so ago I fould a water type of fire bottle near river and two bars which I think had been attached to a walk to add getting in a bath and out also near river plus two blue bags worth of rubbish along with plenty of recycle rubbish to nearly fill my own green bin. Colin A.S.R. Galloway


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