Winding up Action4Abingdon

Action 4 Abingdon
The final post appeared on the action4abingdon forum 3 days ago saying “… As you know we created the forum as a vehicle to lobby for improvements to the then newly implemented Abits scheme. This, along with our 250 business signature petition and the Independent Traffic Report resulted in no less than 12 significant changes to the layout.

The forum soon became a good platform for all things Abingdon and has had some lively debates on various subjects, however, nothing lasts forever and so I think it’s time to wind the thing up…”

Needless to say there are still challenges facing Abingdon. But the forum showed that many people cared passionately for the town from various political, and non-political persuasions.

1 thought on “Winding up Action4Abingdon

  1. doozer

    What a shame… I only ever saw it as a force for good, a conduit to finding out “what is really going on”. I for one will miss it. Thank you for making me feel passionate (but frustrated)! about Abingdon. I hope the people responsible for the forum are successful in their future Abingdon endevours with their honesty and truth telling of the decisions and decision makers who mould our town to what it is today.

    Long may you continue to ask the questions that need asking, for all of us.


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