Changes by the Thames in Abingdon

Old Abbey House
A heated beer tent has appeared on Nags Head Island. The Nags Head pub say ‘Oktoberfest in Munich might have been cancelled but Oktoberfest on The Thames hasn’t!’ It is from Friday 16th October to Sunday 18th October.
Old Abbey House
Scaffolding has appeared round the stone grotto in the garden of Coseners House. The work will make the grotto safe to use. The grotto has two chambers, and an external staircase and lookout. I do not know who or why it was built but my guess is that it was a 19th century folly.
Old Abbey House
Work is progressing on the new Kingfisher Canoe Club storage and changing hut.
Old Abbey House
A new information board has appeared at the Wildflower Maze in the Abbey Grounds. The maze has been cut back for the winter. The little stacks give a place for some wildlife to spend the winter.
Old Abbey House
Work continues on the Route 5 cycle path through the Abbey Grounds.
Old Abbey House
The narrow, bumpy, muddy track is being widened and evened out and made less muddy.

4 thoughts on “Changes by the Thames in Abingdon

  1. Michael

    I believe the grotto at Cosener’s House is actually an ice house, used to store ice before the days of refrigeration. Good they are restoring it. You get a good view of the river by climbing the steps to the top.


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