We will Remember them – in a different way than usual

Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council will be looking at a smaller Remembrance Day ceremony this year because of Covid-19, or possibly no ceremony at the war memorial. It may or may not involve a road closure.

For those people who are back at church, or are watching church on live-stream, the ceremony can take place as usual. Remembrance happens at 11am on Sunday when some people are at church, every year.

For others, not at main event, it can be commemorated at home. They can watch the national event at the cenotaph, or even local events streamed from their local war memorial.

Poppy selling is going to be different with fewer places selling poppies. Fewer volunteers will be selling them. Due to Covid-19 many elderly volunteers will be unable to help. The Royal British Legion provide a download and print Remembrance Poppy to display at home and show your support for the Armed Forces community. They will ask people to get batches of poppies and distribute them.

Whatever happens Remembrance Day, on Sunday 8th November 2020, will be different.

1 thought on “We will Remember them – in a different way than usual

  1. Julian

    What happened to the silhouette statues that were on display a couple of years ago. I didn’t see them last year?


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