Future of Vale of White Horse district survey – just 4 days to go

White Horse
Vale of White Horse district councillors have put together a plan for the future of the district and they want you to let them know what you think of it.

The survey – launched in July – is a chance to have your say on the priorities for the council in the next few years. The survey will run until Thursday 13 August so a few days to go.

Councillors have identified six areas they need to focus on:

Theme 1: Providing the homes people need
Theme 2: Tackling the climate emergency
Theme 3: Building healthy communities
Theme 4: Building stable council finances
Theme 5: Working in partnership with other organisations
Theme 6: Working in an open and inclusive way

The Survey is at https://survey.southandvale.gov.uk/s/Valecorporateplanfeedback/
White Horse

9 thoughts on “Future of Vale of White Horse district survey – just 4 days to go

  1. newcomer

    I despair. These themes are such generic flim-flam. An agenda for a never-ending talking shop, so I suppose they fulfil the brief.

  2. PPJS

    Thanks for the reminder, Backstreeter. I have responded, but am interested that there is little or no reference or attention to medical and social services or on mental health and well-being.

    When Councils talk about strong communities, they tend to think solely in terms of economics. Parks and green spaces, faith communities and interest groups are just as important for a community as how many houses or shops you build.

    1. Helen Flynn

      I agree. Too much attention given to the plight of Bury Street, and the current obsession with house building. Great if really affordable but we know that they most likely won’t be, but by the time they’re built, it’s too late. Although important there are other issues around Abingdon that urgently need to be addressed. Traffic, litter, proper maintenance of green spaces, reduction of speed limits, official cycle lanes, decent public toilets on the town centre, etc, etc.

  3. Helen Flynn

    I have completed this survey but when stating that they will ‘tackle the climate emergency’ why doesn’t any political party mention LITTER!! It drives me mad. It’s as if they don’t see it.

    Also that other forgotten pollutant that has again been forgotten here…noise!!

    The traffic noise around Abingdon is sometimes horrendous, and the Town often turns into a racetrack during the evenings and over the weekends. Ock Street, Stratton Way, Oxford Road, Wootton Road, Dunmore and many other areas affected. For the sake of residents sanity, our bird and wildlife this must also be tackled

  4. Chris

    I did try to fill this in but it is just so non-specific and airy-fairy that I gave up trying. There are so many specific and distinct areas and concerns that need sorting out in the Vale, all of which come up time and again as important to residents, but never seem to be addressed by those with power.

    1. PPJS

      Of course, the question arises how much power does VoWH have? Starved of funds by central government who nonetheless push more and more responsibility their way, I doubt whether local government has any muscle to flex at all.

  5. Su

    I completed the survey and found it extremely frustrating. I think it would have been more meaningful to focus specifically on the areas that lie directly within the remit of the VWHDC. The example projects were largely along the lines of ‘ develop a strategy…’.

  6. newcomer

    This reminds me of local authourities in the 1970’s putting up road signs announcing that they were ‘nuclear free zones’ much to the relief of the local population …

    Re: (4) Building stable council finances, I’d suggest that when they sell the town’s assets they’d ensure that they’re paid what was agreed and re: (6) working in an open and inclusive way, they keep the electorate fully informed and don’t try to hide the inconvenient truths.

  7. Hester

    I am hoping that the Neighbourhood Plan exercise which the Town Council are proposing to run will give people a chance to influence lots of the things mentioned here – everything has gone quiet over the summer but hopefully we will hear more soon. Genuine community involvement is a mandatory part of the Neighbourhood Plan process.


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