So called ‘Non Essential’ Shops to re-open from Monday June 15th

Non Essential
The so called ‘non essential’ shops have permission to open from June 15th.
Non Essential
The shops have all been certified as ready to open after working out their social distancing, and cleaning measures.
Non Essential
Opening hours will be less than usual in many shops.
Non Essential
The almost three months closure of businesses has meant they had to look, during the closure, to online sales, deliveries, or pick and collect.

The list of those businesses allowed to open include:

  • Betting shops
  • Charity shops
  • Clothing shops
  • Gift shops
  • Mobile Phone shops
  • Art galleries

Not all shops in these categories will want to open immediately.

Hairdressers, beauty salons, pubs, and restaurants will have to wait until at least July before they open. They involve closer contact.
Non Essential
There is a one way system on the Market Place – managed by Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council, but not in places managed by other authorities or companies.

6 thoughts on “So called ‘Non Essential’ Shops to re-open from Monday June 15th

  1. Janet

    The office of statistics confirm that 20 people have died from corona virus in central Abingdon. 5 in South Abingdon and 2 in the Peachcroft Area.

  2. moan again

    theres nothing in the precinct cause the precinct landlords are only interested in collecting the rent

  3. Hester

    One thing that has been good in the last few months is that people have been praising the things that are good about Abingdon. The only thing that will encourage new shops to open in town is the prospect of footfall – we need to encourage people to come here and a stream of negative publicity isn’t going to do that.

  4. PPJS

    I imagine that if you were a pension fund manager investing your members’ money and wishing to find them the best possible return on the payments they had made into your scheme, and if part of your investments were in shopping malls, you might well want to collect the rent.

    And if you were drawing your pension after years of contributions, you might be a bit miffed if you got a sub-optimal return. It’s all about fiduciary duty – the responsibility of directors and trustees to act in the best interests of the company or charity (for example.

    I’m with Hester on this: let’s stop blaming everybody else for what we don’t like and do all we can to make our town flourish!

    Meanwhile, thanks to Backstreeter for giving us such a brilliant example. of how to enjoy Abingdon – even in lockdown.

  5. moan again

    im not blaming anyone,simply stating facts as an abingdon ex business owner. at least we no longer have the stealth tax that was called the BID, which frees up some funds that businesses had to pay in return for nothing/being ripped off
    Precinct owners would rather alledgedly leave units empty than let at a reduced rate to initially encourage new business

  6. david

    I spoke to the owner of a lovely little newsagents in St Giles Oxford he was complaining people would walk by him to buy a paper at Tesco’s. I said but that’s a quite a distance but he explained if they need anything at all from Tesco they might as well everything from them. There’s nothing to be done


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