Building Work and Face Coverings

Developments and Face Covering
There has not been a lot of building work at the front of the new Ock Street retirement flats during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

What has changed during that time is people’s perceptions of what they value. Our town centre garden may be small but it has been a blessing during the sunny days when we were staying at home. The parks and green spaces around Abingdon town centre were another blessing.
Developments and Face Covering
The Fairacres Phase 2 development has continued during the lockdown and most of the metal structure is now in place.
Developments and Face Covering
Lidl are coming but I have not heard what businesses will follow.

The long term impact of the pandemic on businesses is unknown. In the short term there will be a greater need for social distancing in stores. Online shopping, and click and collect became more important during the lockdown.
Developments and Face Covering
PPE has become an everyday term. The advice on wearing face masks and coverings has changed. PPE allows trades people to work in people’s houses, and will be a way to open up smaller businesses. Face coverings will become compulsory for people using public transport in England from Monday 15 June. More and more people are wearing face coverings in Waitrose.

Paul Smith’s thought for today is Black Lives Matter …

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