Bottles and Cars

Bottles and Cars
Tony says ‘Following an article in Round and About . . .

Two pensioners went for an exercise walk today, litter picking as always, and in addition to the usual found a cache of rubbish chucked into the nettles alongside the Thames. Somebody had been having a big party.

They filled two bags but had to leave a box of bottles because it was more than they could carry to the nearest bin by the lock. They are constantly amazed at the amount of litter in the streets. Drinks cans and beer bottles often still half full, crisp packets, tissues, soda bombs and so many blue plastic gloves. What sort of people leave this stuff lying around?’
Bottles and Cars
The cars are coming back but not yet to normal levels. This picture is of Ock Street today.

Di says ‘For my walk this morning, just before 11, I went down the Radley Road from Kingfisher School to the St Edmunds roundabout and back and thought I would practise & being Alert! Last time it was very quiet but today I counted 69 vehicle movements, about a dozen of them commercial.  It felt pretty much like a pre coronavirus normal working day, probably due in no small measure to the mixed messages we are getting.  I wonder how it is in other parts of the town.’

3 thoughts on “Bottles and Cars

  1. janet

    No one seems to see them fly tipping. IPeople are just anti social. I have not heard of anyone in Abingdon being fined for littering.

  2. Chris John

    Soda bombs are not used for making soda these days unfortunately. That’s why there are so many scattered around benches etc


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