Abingdon VA – Floods and Coronavirus Pandemic

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So it is not quite so easy to stay up to date with what is happening in Abingdon, Virginia. I have found the following news about the recent storms and floods and coronavirus pandemic from 2 days ago …

Mon April 13th 2020
Abingdon VA - Storms, Floods and Coronavirus Pandemic
Washington County, Virginia. is under a state of emergency due to severe storm damage, and widespread flooding.
Abingdon VA - Storms, Floods and Coronavirus Pandemic
Fire crews were conducting a water rescue on Woodby Lane in Abingdon on Monday morning after flooding in the area caused residents to evacuate.

Residents of apartments on Henderson Court in Abingdon, Virginia were evacuated after overnight rains caused flooding in the area.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Mon April 13th 2020

As part of efforts to ensure the wellbeing of the community, the Town of Abingdon will be closing its offices.

All playground facilities and pavilions with picnic tables are not available for the time being due to the coronavirus concerns. Outdoor pavilion reservations for sites owned by the Town are discontinued.

Other parks that are public are staying open with normal operating conditions as long as visitors follow proper social distancing guidelines.
Abingdon VA - Storms, Floods and Coronavirus Pandemic
An Abingdon glass company is supplying several hospitals in the region with an extra layer of protection from the coronavirus. Leann Meadows, owner and operator of Highlands Glass Co., said when she opened her residential and commercial business more than 10 years ago, she never dreamed she would be helping to save lives one day.

6 thoughts on “Abingdon VA – Floods and Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Peter Del

    Someone must have gone to America from our Abingdon and named the town after ours, I wonder who that person was.

  2. DavidofLuton

    Years ago I met someone from Abingdon VA who was visiting Abingdon in Oxfordshire, They told me that the town was named for the family of Martha, the wife of George Washington. Apparently her family came from Abingdon in Oxfordshire, and the town in Virginia was named to honour her.

    I have no idea of the reliability of this story.

  3. Monicalovatt

    DavidofLuton your information is correct as my husband has looked into it. Martha’s family came from St Helen’s Without.

  4. Peter Del

    David, that’s very fascinating, thanks.
    Su, perhaps there’s another story there.
    Stay safe everyone.


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