Coronavirus Lockdown Day 1 in Abingdon

Yesterday the UK lockdown began (for those not already self isolating.) It will last at least three weeks. The new rules are that we can leave the house to shop for basic necessities – infrequently as possible. We can go out to take one form of exercise a day – alone or with members of the household. We can also go to work so long as we don’t need to self-isolate (if our job is on the list of allowed work).
Coronavirus Lockdown Day 1
It was a lovely sunny day and very quiet for West St Helen Street. This is the view from our upstairs window on the first morning of the lockdown.

South and Vale District Council wanted this message shared:
If you have been shopping for neighbours or family members who are vulnerable, elderly or self-isolating, please continue to do so. 

The government says you are allowed to leave your home to provide care or to help a vulnerable person. Just be careful to follow the usual guidance about washing your hands and keeping a safe distance from others.

 Where possible, it is sensible to leave the shopping on the doorstep for them rather than handing it to them directly.

Here are three pictures from our ‘exercise’ walk in the Abbey Gardens and Meadow.
Coronavirus Lockdown Day 1
Coronavirus Lockdown Day 1
Coronavirus Lockdown Day 1

4 thoughts on “Coronavirus Lockdown Day 1 in Abingdon

  1. Graham S

    Very civilized queue outside Waitrose at 8 this morning and complimentary flowers for our patience, Pleasantly surprised how well stocked it was compared to when I was there last, on Wednesday. Hopefully I will now be able to remain in for the next week.

  2. Martin Gulliver

    JGrahamk – I too have just been to Waitrose…hats off to them! I nice orderly queue to get in…2m apart, took about half an hour as it was one in one out. Once in there , nice and quiet, a free bunch of daffs and well stocked shelves! Straight to a till and out…SO impressed…Tesco‚Äôs take note!!


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