More Post Office Counters needed

More Post Office Counters
The McColls Newsagent,with its post office in Reynolds Way, closed a month or so back. There are currently no plans for an alternative Post Office in that part of town, and a lot of people are suffering as a result.

Last Saturday I went into the nearest post office, in the Co-op in the town centre, and saw the biggest queue I had ever seen there. It had filled the airport style queueing barriers and extended back almost to the Co-op counter.
More Post Office Counters
The chip shop in Reynolds Way has also closed but I am told that it is closed only for refurbishment.

21 thoughts on “More Post Office Counters needed

  1. Houdini

    The chip shop owners (Peggy) retired (so I believe) – have no idea if its being refurbished to be reopened, but if it is it’ll be new owners.

  2. Geoff Bailey

    The queues are the same at Northcourt. At Christmas time the Post Offices are always busy but they keep closing them. Seems a bit senseless.

  3. horsesmouth

    tried 3 times yesterday to send a parcel from the Coop post office, gave up ! going to the dump at drayton today so i’ll try the P O there. I understand the reason McColls went was because Reggy, who owns the mini market there also owns the shop they were in and wouldn’t re-new their lease because he wanted the P O in his shop and extra newsagency sales? I contacted the P.O and asked if their mobile P O could be brought into operation as there are many, especially yhr elderly who relied on that P.O but the reply was they no longer operate one, so I guess the 35,000 people of Abingdon will have to rely on the 2 (or is it 3?) we have, either way we’re being poorly served and I don’t here of any of our politicians being on the case either?

  4. Anne

    Re the mention of politicians, as soon as the post office closed we contacted all 4 of our local councillors and only one of them had the courtesy to reply. We wanted to know what the councillors -and we and other residents of SAbingdon – could do about the situation.

  5. Janet

    Dear Horsesmouth.. Reg did not renew the lease to McCalls but he did not want the post office in his shop. I spoke to him about it and he said that the post office would not pay enough for him to have it in his shop so he would not have it. I blame the Vale of White Horse for selling the freehold to someone who has a vested interest in having a monopoly and closing down the post office depriving the elderly and disabled in South Abingdon of a post office. The Reynolds Way shops in South Abingdon have gone downhill. The Vale have done nothing to enhance the area. The elderly and disabled now have to go into town to a post office. Shame on them.

  6. Steven

    I am curious as to what people still need to use the post office for. I can’t remember the last time I had to use one since everything is done online now.

  7. horsesmouth

    Steven we use it all the time, foreign currency, parcel postage, on-line purchase returns, stamps, recorded delivery etc. Going back to Reggy and his quest for a monopoly I gather he out bid Tesco for the Saxton Arms and turned that in to flats just to stop people from the south of having an alternative to is shop?

  8. hester

    I know there are a lot of community-minded people in South Abingdon – I wonder if it would be worth some of them looking in to the possibility of setting up a Community Post Office. Although these are more often in shops, they don’t have to be – maybe the pub or Community Centre could offer some space?
    There is information on how to do it at
    Locally, I know Marcham did it – possibly Radley as well?
    Both the Vale and Town Councils run community grants schemes and there are other grant-funding bodies around as well.

  9. Liz

    We are very fortunate in Marcham to have one of the only post offices in the country to be run by volunteers, as is the village shop. The post office is open at the same times as the shop: Weekdays 7.30-5.30 and weekends 8.00-12.00. The only sevices not available are driving licences and passports. Perhaps Abingdon needs to look into this to replace the post offices they have lost.
    It’s always service with a smile in Marcham PO too!!

  10. Peter Del

    If it is true that Reggy closed the Post Office to prevent customers from buying sweets, papers and milk while there, it will make me go elsewhere, rather than his corner shop. But I am mobile.

  11. horsesmouth

    Hester that is a good idea and as you say i’m sure there will be some good folk who would be up for that, but given Reggy owns all the shops not having a premise is somewhat of a disadvantage, but there’s always the Anchor Pub ?

  12. QM

    The only access to my mother in law’s pension is via her Post Office account. She goes to Northcourt now due to the queues in Abingdon Co-Op, or rather has to get taken to Northcourt now that Reynolds Way is closed which was within easy reach. I think Reggy has grand plans for property development, watch this space!

  13. Janet

    Reggie, as you call him is no friend of the people of South Abingdon. He seems to have only his own interests at heart. He ensured the post office was closed to the detriment of the elderly and disabled of the area.

  14. Horsesmouth

    True or not but apparently not content with owning allthe shops and the old Saxton arms he also owns the flats above the shops which he rents out mostly to employees of one Fantastic organization but then charges them additional rent to park their vans in the public car park?! All of that said its no fault of council, they have little power or influence except in planning, wonder if his grand plan is to turn his shops into flats?

  15. Ben

    Janet, I think I have to disagree, Reg has been a lifeline for South Abingdon for many many years.

    I’ve no problem with people taking him to task for current actions over the rest of the parade but let’s not forget that he and his family have worked 14-16 hour days, 7 days a week, for many many years when their shop was the only option down at our end of town. Feels to me like a lot of people are keen to have a go nowadays and have short memories.

  16. Janet

    The shop was the only option in this end of town because when it was proposed to built shops by the Magic Midget the shops at Reynolds way opposed the plans. I have been in the area for many years too and know the history.

  17. horsesmouth

    Hi Gillyana, really? can you find out if its privately operated please and/or some contact details, thanks. if so can you forward them to backstreeter here please and he will send them on to me.


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