Oxford West & Abingdon Hustings 2019

Oxford West & Abingdon Hustings 2019
There will be a husting for the general election on 2nd December. Questions need to be in by 28th November.

The candidates for the Oxford West & Abingdon constituency in 2019 are:
James Fredrickson – Conservative
Layla Moran – Liberal Democrat
Rosie Sourbut – Labour
Allison Wild – Brexit Party.

It may not be quite as exciting as the hustings in 1865, which I read about in the Reading Mercury in the British Newspaper Archive, but you never know, …

“On Monday last, the nomination of Candidates for the Representation of this County in Parliament, took place Abingdon. The hustings was erected in the Market-place, opposite the Queen’s Hotel. The windows at the County Hall, and every available space on the roof of the building, were crowded with ladies and gentlemen who appeared to take great interest in the proceedings. Special trains, engaged by both the Liberal and Conservative candidates, brought a considerable number of electors from all parts of the county, and although there was an absence of flags and banners, and even bands of music, the Market-place presented a lively and exciting appearance. The Conservatives mustered in great strength at the Crown and Thistle Hotel, and were first to march to the hustings. The Liberal candidates and their friends quickly followed from the Queen’s Hotel, and both parties were received with cheers from their supporters. During the progress of the proceedings, many noisy interruptions occurred, and the Conservative party were certainly not so courteous to the speakers on the Liberal side as their opponents were during the delivery of the Conservative addresses. It was evident that the Conservatives had done their utmost to bring together a large body of men, and it was also evident that some of their party possessed stentorian voices, which were freely and coarsely used to drown the unpleasant and distasteful remarks of gentlemen on ‘the other side.’ …”

10 thoughts on “Oxford West & Abingdon Hustings 2019

  1. Hester

    Sounds like the House of Commons…

    I wonder if it would be possible to video the hustings and make it available on YouTube to those of us who can’t get there? A project for Abingdon School maybe?

  2. Daniel

    If Layla wins when will she have the second vote to represent all the voters that didn’t vote for her? And, will that vote include the option to dismiss the result of the first vote?

  3. Daniel

    I have to apologise…I see that the option to dismiss the outcome of the previous vote is now off the table.

    I have to admit, I am a bit confused with this election. (In fact, if anything, the last 3 years has revealed what lies behind the curtain of Oz and our political landscape, and our meadya).

    I had a quick Google and every party, at some point, of all political persuasion has broken promises in the past.
    It begs the question, is this election really about “who are you happiest to be let down by?”
    So..which lying party are we supposed to vote for?
    Or, who’s lies are we better off to believe?
    Are all lies equal?
    Are some lies more equal than others?
    and, most importantly; should we take this lying down!

  4. Real another Steve

    Layla will represent everyone whether they voted for her or not, that’s how the system works. On Brexit we have ended up with an unelected PM implementing something no-one at all voted for.

  5. PPJS

    We never elect PMs; we elect individual MPs. The leader of the party most likely to be able to form a government is invited by HM to do so. That person, if successful, becomes the PM.

    Mr Johnson fulfilled the requirements earlier this year – for better or worse.

    If a PM dies in office (or simply resigns), we don’t have a fresh General Election. The parliamentary members of the party in power elect their new leader and s/he takes over. Whether that person would be the choice of the country at large is an entirely different matter.

    NOTE: I no longer have an immediately active interest in this election as I have already cast my (postal) vote.

  6. David

    If Layla is elected, she will represent everyone whether they voted for her or not, by fighting for a voting system that would allow all their votes to be represented. ????

  7. Daniel

    It is impossible, surely, to represent all the people who “don’t want A but want B” whilst also representing all the people who “don’t want B but want A”.

    Unless I am mistaken.

  8. PPJS

    Nobody elects the editors of our national daily newspapers, yet they often pose as “the voice of the people.” The tabloids are very good at this, but are they exercising power without accountability?

    MPs are elected to exercise their judgement on controversial issues – sometimes in the teeth of popular opinion. We give our verdict at the next election.

  9. David

    Daniel – it’s impossible to satisfy them all, but not impossible to represent them all, if you allow for more than one representative.


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