Abingdon had an antique shop

Art and Stuff
Art & Stuff have mostly closed down although they do still have a notice saying they could be open by appointment. It has been good to have an Abingdon Antique shop where people were welcome to browse and occasionally buy stuff for almost six years.
Art and Stuff
Both Gromit the dog, and Gromit’s owner, will be doing Vintage and Antique fairs, but are retired from the 9-5 shop-keeping life. Best wishes to them both and thanks for all the art and stuff.

3 thoughts on “Abingdon had an antique shop

  1. Oenone Grant

    Art & Stuff is in fact still trading online as artandstuffgallery.com (not .co.uk anymore, so please search carefully!) and will be doing fairs when coronavirus settles down. Owner still living locally and available to show or deliver items on website!


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