Children’s Book Corner

Children's Book Corner
I have started seeing children’s books, left outside, in Abingdon. They are left in clear bags with a note from the person who donated them. In the last 24 hours I have seen three such books.
Children's Book Corner
The note says You have found a book. You can either read me, leave me, or take me home.

This is the initiative of the Look for a book Oxfordshire Facebook Group. The group began on Saturday 10th August 2019.

Read it Daddy, a fellow Abingdon blogger, has been blogging for over 9 years at His speciality is reviewing children’s books, sometimes more than one a day. He will know most of these found books.
Children's Book Corner
On 22nd July Read it Daddy reviewed a book by an Abingdon author – Nicki Thornton.
Children's Book Corner
Nicki used to be the co-owner of Mostly Books. Looking at the window at Mostly Books I see they have lots of children’s books including some about Starting School.Children's Book Corner
Meanwhile at The Bookstore in Abingdon there are a lot of children’s books in the corner window. They even have one that I recognise – Starting School By Janet Ahlberg and Allan Ahlberg.

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  1. horsesmouth

    Off topic sorry – but seeing the mother and child statue without the big issue seller sat there got my mind working as to why I recognized the big issue seller in High street Henley?
    Guess they’re more benevolent in Henley !


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