Abingdon broken shop windows

Abingdon Broken Windows
Abingdon Town Centre shops have had a spate of broken windows over the last few weeks. The vandalism looks random but keeps happening. Each time it is a big cost to businesses even after insurance.
Abingdon Broken Windows
Work has also begun renovating the charity shop in Bath Street destroyed by fire a couple of years ago.

6 thoughts on “Abingdon broken shop windows

  1. Horsesmouth

    Indeed it is a cost to business- the ridiculous thing about this is police know who the culprit is, he’s been captured on cctv and caught in the act, he’s been arrested and sectioned but released on his promise of never again sir, but three days later he broke another window!
    To my knowledge that’s 8 windows he’s smashed and he’s still walking around town spitting and swearing at women, the same guy apparently went into the Londis Shop and racially abused staff there, and still he’s walking around!
    This is another Poundland waiting to happen!

  2. Daniel

    After 11 years of complacency, we had a bicycle stolen off the drive on Caldecott Rd yesterday. Be careful everybody…there’s a lot of scum out there that needs a cuddle.

  3. Alan Briggs

    The man definitely needs locking up, for his own safety as well as that of the town’s shop windows.


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