A prime rowing location – Abingdon to Culham

prime rowing
Abingdon has a prime location for rowing on the River Thames, with the stretch from Culham to Abingdon.

In Victorian times regattas were popular events hosted by the Abingdon Town Rowing Club. The club seems to have disappeared by 1900, or at least it disappeared from newspapers.
prime rowing
The Abingdon Rowing Club was re-established in 1958, with some early help from Abingdon (Roysse’s) School, for whom rowing was a well established sport.
prime rowing
I took these shots this morning. The boats from Abingdon Rowing Club were turning at St Helen’s Wharf to row back down the river.

The club has gone from strength to strength. On the Abingdon Rowing Club website it says, there is training, between 1 and 6 days a week, for all ages. The annual Spring Head rowing event is scheduled for Sunday 14th April 2019.

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