Flooding five years ago and Thames at War

Flooding five years ago
Spike sent me this picture of Abingdon – five years ago, showing the River Thames having burst its banks. Thankyou to him.

There is a bigger version (here …)

Last time the River Thames broke its banks was in April 2018. The Thames at War event at the Lock was postponed as a consequence. I read in the Oxford Mail that the event will be held instead on April 14th, 2019.
Flooding five years ago
The WWII Pillbox is between Marcham and Abingdon.

2 thoughts on “Flooding five years ago and Thames at War

  1. Daniel

    We have a rich history here, mainly of the GHQ Stop line Red which were part of the nation’s defences as we hunkard down and awited German invasion after 1940.

    Pill boxes, the ‘dragons teeth’ near Tesco; all anti tank defences stretching from Abingdon to Pangbourne, and then various other “stop lines” across the country. Green and blue lines, and the Outer London Defence ring…all last resorts to protect the nation.

    It’s a rich history, we should nurture it ( as long as no developments can be allowed to bulldoze it all away for a few pounds profit)…


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