Field cleared for Football

Field cleared for Football
This picture was taken from the Causeway of a field that has been cleared next to Abingdon Town Football Club ground. The field is now being used for additional football pitches by the youth training programme. This is part of the plans from the new management team at the club.

2 thoughts on “Field cleared for Football

  1. Horsesmouth

    This is making good use of this piece of land that has stood pretty much uncultivated and unused (apart from invading travelers) for some time now, hats off to the people behind this and especially to the guy who for the past few months has, at least twice a week, used a small ride on mower to transform it from an overgrown meadow into a football pitch. Good luck to you!

  2. Helen Flynn

    Yes, I agree! A great use of a redundant space that has served no purpose other than to attract litter and fly tipping. Well done to the person who initiated it. It shows forward thinking and imagination.



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